In 2016 Boston based hard rockers Bad Marriage will sonically assault ear drums coast to coast w/ the release of their two 5-song EP’s. Simple straight ahead blues infused hard rock tunes like Big Bad Wolf, Wizard of Love, and their barnburner Gateway Drug utilize the bands never ending thirst for tone and overdriven guitars while frontman and resident wordsmith JonnyP (Vox) crafts sexy egotistical hip shakers such as Ms. Outrageous.  Each EP features custom artwork depicting the bands singles Knock 3 More Times and Queen of Despair. “I remember standing in the supermarket aisle and paging thru Hit Parader, Circus and Metal Edge magazine's reading about my favorite bands while my mother shopped. Thru the photographs and artwork I fell in love w/ the visual aspect of RnR as much as the music itself and Bad Marriageplans to exploit this to the fullest extent.” -Ian


JonnyP and Ian (Guitar) actually telegraphed the band and put into motion things that came to pass thru conversation one night at Ian's apartment. “I was living off the beaten path w/ a few friends back in 2011 and it just came out in conversation over food and drinks… we had to form a band w/ Fitzy and Delaney!  JP and I were pretty adamant about this decision too, so much so it became a self fulfilling prophecy in late 2014.” -Ian Together Fitzy (Guitar) and Delaney (Drums) form the solid grooving riff laden foundation to the bands brand of rock and it’s a tribute to them jamming together since high school. “I can pitch a new riff to Delaney and he knocks it outta the park onto I-90 every time.” -FitzyGetting to know each other over the years playing in seedy clubs and bars up and down I-95 between Providence and Boston definitely was an asset to Bad Marriage when they finally got into the same jam space together. “Things clicked right away as we were all friends before being bandmates. Riffs turned to songs with lyrics in just a few run throughs and that’s when we knew we had something.” -Fitzy


From walking curiosities to farm animals Bad Marriage is a collection of rock n’ roll hooligans at best, characters only a mother could love. With no regard for the fact that Gene Simmons thinks RnR is dead JonnyP had this bit of advice for all the nay’sayers… “If RnR is dead than the morgue is f’n rockin’ right now! In related news Bad Marriage will be coming to a morgue near you! See ya at their people!” -JonnyP

*As Bad Marriage heads into Summer 2016 they will be leveraging their social outreach thru Facebook and Instagram to further spread into the veins of society. The band as well is celebrating the launch of their new website earlier this year. Also look for a live CD release event in Boston to celebrate their upcoming double EP release.

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