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BAD MARRIAGE - Album Review February 21, 2020


If Bad Marriage is the future of rock n roll, then we're in for one hell of a ride. The band has throw-back classic rock n roll in spades. Full-on swagger, attitude and the songs to match.


The newest bad boys of Boston have unleashed one of the most refreshing albums in recent memory. Twelve tracks of raw unfiltered kick-ass rock n roll. No overproduction, it's to the bone old -school riffs with a sound that will leave you feeling like your front and center at the best show in town.


Bad Marriage's first full-length album includes the instant classics "Old School Stereo", "Ready Aim Fire", "Ms.Outrageous", "Electric Emerald Eyes" and "Nay-Sayin' Blues" a track that was in some seriously heavy rotation throughout 2019 on ESPN. There's not a weak track to be had here. When hard work, persistence, great music, and the perfect rock band image collide the payoff is BAD MARRIAGE!


Currently killing it out on the road with TESLA.

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